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Our family has been selling and sourcing confectionery around the world for a number of years and we are passionate about confectionery.

The ‘third generation’ is about to start trading in the North East, under the name of  The Canny Candy Gadgies.

In an age of convenience and mass production we promote brands and sweets that transport you back to bygone days, of childhood memories, a time when sweets were truly treats.

The sweets we offer are hand crafted, artisan, made in the old fashioned way where there is a little alchemy involved, made to traditional recipes with clean ingredients and no hidden nasties, they are real and proper!!!!

Most of our suppliers are small producers that you won’t find in the major supermarkets.

We differ from other ‘sweet sellers’ in that we work in close partnership with our suppliers, many of whom we count as friends, not just suppliers!.

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This means that our customers are also ‘close’ to the people making the sweets we are selling.

Our suppliers are happy to allow us to run discounted promotional offers , we also provide tasting samples to try before you buy, so look out for us in and around markets in the North East WHERE TO FIND US– we are The Canny Candy Gadgies ( real friendly lads selling fantastic sweets at value for money prices ).

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